HD Market


Market Opportunity


There are 600,000 individuals at risk and 90,000 patients with HD in North America and Europe combined


  • In 2015 the therapeutic drug market for HD was approx. 600 Million globally. But this small size reflects the fact that there are as yet no effective therapies. The global HD therapeutic market will grow in the next years at a CAGR of 29.5 % (TechNavio’s forecast)
  • Genetic test exists for testing mutation carriers. Thus, a safe, cost-effective and 100% certain diagnosis possible.
  • Key players: Lundbeck, Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Teva
  • Other prominent vendors: Auspex Pharmaceuticals, GSK, Ipsen, Omeros, Palobiofarma, Pfizer, Prana, Raptor, Siena Biotech, Teva
  • In the United States the total costs from the Medicare perspective were evaluated to be $5,686 per year per patient. Additionally, caregivers spent a mean (SD) of $1,284 per year on caring for their patients in the US. The costs for caregiver time involvement is $10,080. The total burden is $17,049 per patient per year.